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Access Procedure Details

Access Procedure Change

Our access procedure is in place to assure the highest level of security for your home.  If you have provided us with a key or plan to provide a key, please see the ‘Accessible Access Options’ described below.   We do not accept hidden keys or unlocked doors as a way for the team to enter your home.   These present a high risk to home security.

What is the change?

In place of managing your key at the office, we recommend you purchase a ‘Vault Lock 5000’ from Amazon and place your key inside. This lockbox is a 4 digit toggle lockbox that will hang on any doorknob. Provide us with the code once the vault lock is in place. You have the option to easily remove after each cleaning if necessary. We have been using this process effectively over the last year.


Click here to purchase ‘Vault Lock 5000’ online

Busy Bee Provides ‘Vault Lock 5000’ for $30  Call: 610-430-6888


Acceptable Access Options


Please contact the office with any questions.  610-430-6888


Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

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