How to keep high traffic areas clean
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How to keep high traffic areas clean

You might have noticed that no matter how frequently you clean, the same areas of your home stay dirty. It’s likely because specific spaces in your house are more frequented than others, creating a pattern of mess in those locations. Usually, around entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens, these high-trafficked areas can be a sore spot for any cleaner.

But luckily, there are strategies you can use to decrease the amount of cleaning needed. If you’re looking to get a professional house cleaning in West Chester, PA, and beyond, contact Busy Bee Cleaning. Our team of trusted house cleaners can ensure that even the busiest areas in your home are kept clean. We can also advise you on the best tactics to keep your home clean on a regular basis.

Here are some ways we suggest you attend to your house’s busy, highly trafficked areas in between professional cleanings.

Use area rugs

One way to minimize the dirt in your home is to place area rugs in highly-trafficked places of your house like hallways, entryways, or living spaces. Area rugs are much easier to clean than bare floors and are more affordable to replace than carpet or hardwood. Area rugs will also help extend the life of your flooring, guaranteeing your floors stay clean and in good shape for years to come. Plus, they add color and style to each room! While shopping for area rugs, don’t overlook the value of solid entryway mats at each doorway. These will help trap dirt before your guests come into your home and minimize the dirt in your area rugs.

Incorporate into your weekly cleaning schedule

If you’re finding that specific areas of your home stay dirty, try designating a day on your weekly cleaning schedule to tackle the highly trafficked areas. Building in a dedicated day to those areas will allow you to stay organized and ensure they’re frequently taken care of. If you notice they still stay messy, try and incorporate cleaning those areas twice a week into your schedule. If sticking to a regular cleaning schedule is difficult for you to manage, the team at Busy Bees can help. We offer the best services in house cleaning in West Chester, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Move quickly and apply stain remover

If you do notice a stain, it’s best to move fast and apply stain remover as soon as possible. Stains on carpets that go untreated can be harder to remove, even with professional cleaning. Consider the type of flooring you have, and try to keep a stain remover on hand that best suits the surface. Take some time to learn about the different types of surface stains. For example, cleaning a grease stain is different on carpet than it is on hardware. When an accident happens, try blotting it with a cloth, then scrub with your remover to remove the stain from the surface. If that doesn’t work, try seeing what a professional cleaner recommends, as they’ll often have more substantial materials than the average household.

Deep clean your carpets

While routine vacuuming is great for everyday use, you should deep clean the carpets in your house on a semi-regular basis. The highly frequented areas in your home will start to stand out with prolonged wear and tear. But with deep cleanings once or twice a year, your carpets will not only stay cleaner — they’ll last longer. If you don’t want to spend the money on deep cleaning, you can supplement your daily vacuuming with carpet spray to get a more thorough clean.

Keep cleaning supplies nearby

One of the easiest ways to keep your house clean is to keep the proper supplies nearby. This also applies to highly trafficked areas like a bathroom or entryway, which people frequent usually. A professional tip is to have a cleaning caddy in each room with towels, cleaners, and materials within arm’s reach. This will help make the day-to-day upkeep easier. It can also be helpful to place a vacuum or broom on each level of the house —that way, you do not have to trek up and down stairs with equipment. Plus, by having the right supplies nearby, you or other household members will be able to access what’s needed to keep the area clean quickly.

Rearrange your furniture

It might be surprising, but rearranging your furniture is another way to reshape high-trafficked areas of your home, ensuring wear and tear is evenly distributed. For example, if you notice the area around your living room sofa is experiencing more dirt and the floors around the area are showing signs of wear, try rearranging your couch to cover the area or adjust other furniture to change the flow of the space. This can help redirect traffic and preserve certain areas of your floors.

Hire professional cleaners

If none of those options do the trick, sometimes it’s time to hire professional cleaners to get the job done! Professional cleaners are able to bring in heavy-duty equipment and chemicals to increase the quality of the cleaning. Professionals are able to identify the best ways to clean the frequently trafficked areas of your house and offer the best solution. At Busy Bees, we are trained in all types of cleaning and surfaces to ensure no spot is left untouched. We can tackle even the most stubborn of stains and provide you with suggestions on how to maintain your home between cleanings. No nook or cranny will be left dirty!
Cleaning the high-traffic areas of your house will help you hack your house cleaning, ensuring that the most popular spaces are kept clean regularly. Your home is meant to be lived in and enjoyed! But if you find yourself stressed or tired from the constant cleaning cycle, let Busy Bees help. If you’re looking for house cleaning in West Chester, PA, call us today! Our professional team of cleaners can provide you with a consultation and share how we can make your home shine in its best light.

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