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Are you looking for a house cleaning company or maid service near Malvern, PA? A professional house cleaning service lets you spend more time relaxing or being with your family, rather than working on an endless list of chores. If this is your first time hiring a cleaner, then use these simple tips to get the most out of your experience.

Reduce Clutter

Don’t miss out on deep cleaning because your service had to clean around items left on the floor, cluttering the countertop, or stacked on tables. Most cleaners will not pick up these objects both because that would slow down the cleaning process and because they do not know where these items belong. Before your cleaners arrive, spend a little time tidying up and moving your belongings to their proper locations.

Move Precious Items to a Safe Place

Move antiques, collectibles, and any other valuables to a secure location during your house cleaning. Also include insurance paperwork, bank statements, and bills that might be mistaken for trash. If a sentimental item cannot be moved, tell your cleaner to omit these items from the cleaning.

Communicate Your Needs

Always set clear expectations with your house cleaning company. Be honest about what your home needs and which rooms are most important to you. If you are home at the time of the cleaning, inspect your house before the cleaners leave and mention any oversights. If you discover issues after the service is complete, contact your house cleaning company to express your concerns.

Know Your Pets

Some services, including Busy Bee Cleaning Company, are pet-friendly. If you know that your pets are protective of your home or uncomfortable around strangers, however, please secure them during cleanings.

Leave a Key

If you are not home during your cleaning, then make sure that your house cleaning service can easily enter your home. Speak with your cleaning company about how to provide home access and disable any security systems.

At Busy Bee Cleaning Company, we’re more than a maid service in Paoli, PA. Our friendly and professional employees are house cleaning specialists with extensive, and ongoing, training. Contact us today for a house cleaning estimate or to find out about our gift cards — which are always a favorite for Mother’s Day!

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