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Deep Cleaning Services

window maid serviceDeep Cleaning Services for Residential Customers

To ensure that your home is free of any grease, dirt or stains that a standard cleaning might not address, you will most likely benefit from the deep cleaning services provided by Busy Bee Cleaning Company. We offer these services to residents of Chester, Montgomery and Delaware Counties who are looking to go the extra mile to have every nook and cranny of their home sparkling clean. From washing your baseboards to cleaning your windows, the team at Busy Bee Cleaning does it all!

Our Deep Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning goes further than our residential cleaning services to reach the areas that you might not think to clean – thus being the areas that are the dirtiest! Busy Bee Cleaning takes care of every part of your home that might need extra attention, including:

● Washing baseboards, doors and other woodwork
● Cleaning small light fixtures
● Polishing granite countertops
● Interior refrigerator cleaning
● Oven cleaning
● Carpet cleaning
● Cleaning kitchen cabinets – interior and exterior
● Vacuuming drapes and lampshades
● Furniture cleaning and conditioning
● Window cleaning


How often should I have my house deep cleaned?

Your home’s deep cleaning schedule is mainly going to depend on which room or section you are worried about cleaning. For example, furniture cleaning and window cleaning can be done annually, while other parts of your home – primarily in your kitchen and your bathroom – should be deep cleaned once every few months. With Busy Bee Cleaning Company, you can schedule our deep cleaning services as often as you like!

How much does residential deep cleaning cost?

The pricing of our deep cleaning services will depend on the size of your home and the number of residents and pets living there. Since this process will be more extensive than our standard residential cleaning services, you will be looking at a higher cost per visit. In some cases, it could be a couple hundred dollars per visit. To find out the pricing for deep cleaning your home, request a quote from us today!

What does residential deep cleaning entail?

Deep cleaning goes a step beyond our standard services, ensuring that every square inch of your home is touched. These services may include cleaning your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator cleaning, oven cleaning, polishing your granite countertops and various other services. The most significant difference is that we work on cleaning the insides of various parts and appliances in your home, where standard cleaning services would simply clean the outer portions.

Find out what the “buzz” is about with deep cleaning by Busy Bee!

If your home is overdue for deep cleaning services, or if you have never utilized deep cleaning and are curious about the difference it could make, reach out to the award-winning cleaners at Busy Bee Cleaning Company. We are available any day of the week, so feel free to utilize us for any reason you might have to give your home the deep cleaning it deserves. Give us a call at 610-624-1650 today for a free estimate on your service, and keep an eye on our website for any coupons or gift cards to help you save on cleaning!

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