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Chemicals and Supplies


In an effort to provide the highest quality cleaning through the most efficient and safest means possible for both our clients and our employees, Busy Bee Cleaning Company makes use of its own chemicals and equipment – products which have been tested time and again over thousands of cleanings.  Any chemical, such as bleach or a bleaching agent, is not approved for use except by means of client-specific instructions and authorization from the office.

    1. Furniture Polishes:We DO NOT make use of any wood furniture polishes as the various products on the market react differently to the different types of furniture finishes. Instead of polishes, we make use of microfiber cloths, spritz’d with a bit of our all purpose hydrogen peroxide cleaner when needed. You’d be amazed at how well they work.

Policy Regarding the Use of Bleach

As stated in our Terms of Service, Busy Bee Cleaning Company will, when instructed by a client, make use of a Client’s preferred chemical and/or personal equipment due to specific needs, circumstances or preferences.  In advance of any such requests, Busy Bee Cleaning Company now requires agreement to the following terms and release of liability.  Please, carefully review your options as it relates to the specific use of bleach or bleaching agents during the cleaning of your home.

When you opt to allow Busy Bee Cleaning Company to use bleaching agents in your home, you are affirming & acknowledging the following:

I understand, by requesting Busy Bee Cleaning Company(s) to utilize bleach or bleaching agents in my home to counter the effects of bacteria, mold, mildew, coffee and wine stains, that: 1) I must purchase and make available to Busy Bee Cleaning Company(s) a defect-free spray bottle of said bleach or bleaching agent(s); and 2.) I acknowledge having read through and being in agreement with Busy Bee Cleaning Company’s “Equipment & Supplies” policy as outlined within their Terms of Service published & available for review at  Busy Bee Cleaning Company Terms  wherein it is stated “…that neither Busy Bee Cleaning Company’s owner(s), agent(s), management, staff nor insurance provider shall be held liable for any harm, damage or claims arising out if its use.”




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