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If you’re looking for top-notch house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA, you’re in luck because there are plenty of options to choose from!

Keeping your house clean is essential for a comfortable and healthy living environment. However, it can be challenging to keep up with home cleaning tasks while juggling work, family, and other responsibilities. This is where professional house cleaning professionals can be a lifesaver. 

With the help of a cleaning service, you can free up your time and ensure that your home is spotless. If you live in Glen Mills, PA, you have plenty of options for house maintenance services to choose from. 

In this article, we’ll provide you with tips on how to choose the right home cleaning service for your needs, ensuring a wonderful job every time.


Types of Services for Cleaning Homes

These cleaning services come in different types, each providing a different level of cleaning.

The most common types of cleaning assistance include cleaning on a regular basis, complete cleaning, and windows cleaning.

1. Standard Cleaning

Standard cleaning is the most popular type of house cleaning service. It includes general cleaning tasks, such as dusting, vacuuming, and wiping surfaces.

Additionally, it is usually done regularly, either weekly or bi-weekly, to maintain a clean home.


deep cleaning service glen mills

2. Deep Cleaning

On the other hand, deep cleaning is more thorough than regular cleaning. It includes tasks such as cleaning the baseboards, scrubbing floors, and deep cleaning kitchen and bathroom areas in the entire house. 

3. Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a specialized type of cleaning that focuses on cleaning windows, glass doors, and mirrors. This type of cleaning requires special equipment and techniques, such as the use of squeegees and microfiber cloths. 

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional cleaning service is an excellent option for those who want a clean home without the hassle of doing it themselves.

Additionally, there are two primary types of cleaning services to consider: maid service or cleaning company.

Maid Services

Maid services typically provide individual cleaners who come to your home to perform the cleaning. They may be employed by a company or work independently. 

Additionally, maid service is typically less expensive than cleaning companies, and they provide a personal touch as you can work with the same cleaner each time.


cleaning companies glen mills

Cleaning Companies

Cleaning companies, on the other hand, provide a team of cleaners who come to your home to perform the cleaning. They typically have more experience, are family-owned, and are more thorough in their cleaning.

Also, they are more likely to be licensed, insured, and bonded, providing greater protection for you and your home.

Search for a Company with Experience and an Excellent Reputation!

When hiring a professional cleaning service, search for experience, positive reviews, and a reputation for excellent cleaning in the local areas. Choose a company with a thorough screening process and that is detail-focused to ensure an excellent job every time.

Also, these services are ideal for those with elderly parents or a busy schedule. They work around your schedule and ensure regular cleaning, giving you peace of mind and more free time.

Discuss your cleaning needs and the services provided to ensure you get the cleaning you need at an affordable price.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a House Cleaning Service

Choosing the right house cleaning service can be daunting given the many options available. 

Here are some factors to consider when selecting a service company:

Experience and Reliability

Look for a cleaning service with years of experience and a reputation for providing reliable service. An experienced cleaning company will likely have the necessary expertise and staff to do a thorough job. 


cleaning services glen mills pa

Detail-oriented Cleaning

When choosing a cleaning service, look for a detail-oriented company committed to providing excellent cleaning. The business should have a cleaning task checklist to ensure that nothing is missed during the cleaning process and that they are on the same page with your requirements.

Flexibility in Scheduling

Choose a cleaning service that offers flexible appointment times to fit your schedule and also that is best for your elderly parents. A good cleaning service should be willing to work around your schedule to ensure that your home is cleaned when convenient.

Eco-friendly Solutions

Many people are now looking for eco-friendly alternatives for house cleaning, and some cleaning companies offer green solutions, such as using organic products or energy-efficient equipment. 

Free Estimate

Choose a cleaning service that provides a free estimate for the cleaning needed. This ensures that you get a clear idea of the cost of the cleaning service upfront, and there are no surprises.

By considering these factors when selecting a cleaning service, you can ensure that you get the cleaning service you need at a price you can afford. A professional cleaning service can help you maintain a clean and healthy home, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your life.

Key Takeaway

Choosing the right house cleaning service can be a challenge. Consider factors such as experience, reliability, attention to detail, flexibility in scheduling, and eco-friendliness. 

Also, communicate your cleaning needs and prepare your home before the cleaning team’s arrival for the best service possible. 

In Glen Mills, PA, many professional cleaning services are available to cater to your needs.

By working with a reputable and licensed cleaning service, you can free up your time and maintain a clean and healthy home.



Cleaning Services Malvern PA: Professional Help for Home or Office

Professional Cleaning Services Malvern Pennsylvania

Whether you’re a busy professional, a working parent, or anyone who values a neat living or working space, house cleaning services in Malvern PA can help you achieve your desired cleanliness goals. Their expert assistance is just a phone call away.

With a team of skilled cleaners, state-of-the-art equipment, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, these experts can turn your home or office into a pristine oasis of order and tidiness.

Discover the benefits of house cleaning services in Malvern PA today and relish the peace of mind that comes with a spotless living or working environment.

Are Cleaning Services Worth It?

Office and Home Cleaning operated in Malvern pa

Professional cleaning services offer several benefits for clients who prioritize cleanliness and organization in their homes or workplaces. When you hire them, customers and businesses can save time and effort while ensuring that their spaces are thoroughly and effectively cleaned.

They have the necessary skills, training, and equipment to clean every nook and cranny of space, leaving it spotless and hygienic.

They can also prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and germs, which can cause health issues like allergies and respiratory problems.

For businesses, maintaining a clean workplace is crucial for the health and productivity of employees. By outsourcing their cleaning needs, businesses can ensure that their spaces are regularly cleaned by experts, allowing employees to work in a hygienic environment.

Cleaning Services for Homes in Malvern PA

House Cleaner with Free Estimates

This is an essential aspect of maintaining a clean house and healthy home environment. There are different types of services for homes, each with its unique features and benefits.

Regular Cleaning

This job includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping living areas, and scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen. It is ideal for homeowners who want to maintain a clean and tidy home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Clean Professional with Free Estimates

Deep cleaning is a more thorough job that involves cleaning every nook of the house like baseboards, the inside of the fridge, oven, cabinets, blinds and window sills, and scrubbing the grout.

It is ideal for homeowners who want to clean their homes thoroughly or before a special occasion.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Move-in/move-out cleaning is a specialized cleaning service designed for clients who are moving in or out of a house.

It is ideal for homeowners who want to ensure that their new home is clean and sanitized before moving in or for homeowners who want to leave their old home in a clean and presentable condition for the next occupants.

This job includes cleaning the inside of cabinets, drawers, walls, floors, and rug or carpets.

Move-In/Move-Out Home Cleaning

What to Expect From PA House Cleaning Services

When hiring a top house cleaner, clients can expect high professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail. Here are some of the things you can expect:

Equipment and Cleaning Products Used

Top house cleaning services typically use high-quality cleaning equipment and products to ensure the best possible cleaning results. This includes HEPA-filtered vacuums, microfiber cloths, and professional-grade cleaning solutions.

HEPA-filtered vacuums

Cleaning Procedures

Residential cleaning services often follow a set of standardized cleaning procedures designed to ensure all areas of your home are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently.

This may include a detailed checklist of tasks or request to be completed in each room, as well as specific techniques for cleaning different surfaces and materials.

Customized Cleaning Plans

Home Cleaning PA

A top house cleaning service will often work with you to create a customized cleaning plan based on your specific needs, request, and preferences. This may involve prioritizing certain areas to get your house cleaned, incorporating special requests, or a flexible cleaning schedule.

Trained and Experienced Staff

Top house cleaning service providers typically employ trained and experienced staff members who have the expertise and knowledge to clean your home efficiently and effectively. They may also undergo background checks and drug tests to ensure that they are trustworthy and reliable.

Office and Commercial Cleaning Services Malvern PA

Team of Expert and Hard-working Cleaners operated in pa

Premium cleaning services for offices and commercial or business establishments are available in different forms, including routine daily or weekly cleaning, a deep cleaning performed less often, and special event cleaning.

Daily Cleaning Service

This job is carried out regularly to ensure a clean and hygienic office environment which involves tasks like vacuuming, dusting, mopping, cleaning up after pets, and emptying trash cans.

Deep Cleaning Service

It is more intensive and performed every few months, aimed at thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the entire office space, including hard-to-reach areas, carpets, and upholstery of furniture.

Special event cleaning

It is a one-time service that is carried out before or after an event, such as a conference or party, and involves tasks like sanitizing restrooms, removing trash, and cleaning up after the event.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for Office cleaning:

Reliable and Quality Service Provider operated in pa

The benefits of partnering with a skilled cleaning service for office cleaning are numerous, including improved health and safety for employees, increased productivity due to an organized workspace, and a more business-like and welcoming atmosphere for clients and visitors.

Paying for a premium cleaning service team can also be cost-effective compared to having an in-house cleaning staff, as it eliminates the need for employee benefits, training, and appliances.

Professional cleaners have the expertise and experience to handle all types of cleaning tasks, from routine daily cleaning to more specialized premium services, and can also create customized cleaning plans that meet the specific needs and request of each client.

They typically use a range of specialized equipment for offices to ensure the space is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Common Equipment

Premium Cleaning Services

Equipment used by experts for office cleaning includes vacuum cleaners, microfiber cloths, and air purifiers. They may also use floor buffers and polishers to effectively remove scuffs, stains, and other marks from tiles and hardwoods.

If you aren’t open to the idea of using harmful chemicals, steam cleaners are particularly effective at cleansing grout, tile, and other hard-to-reach areas.

For post-construction cleaning and exterior surfaces, high-pressure washers are used to clean building facades, sidewalks, and parking lots.

High Pressure Washers for Sidewalks and Parking Lots

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cleaning Services Malvern PA

When selecting a cleaning service company in Malvern PA, various factors must be considered for a satisfactory experience. Some of the crucial factors include the following:


It is advisable to go for a business with good standing within the area by checking online reviews or asking for references. You should ensure the business offers a free quote and the services you require including window cleaning.

Cleaning Pro with Exceptional Service


Choose a service provider with vast experience in cleaning different types of property for a more thorough and wonderful job with the ability to handle any challenges that may arise. It is essential to request a free quote from multiple cleaning companies and compare the cost or estimate to ensure you get a reasonable one.

Comparing Cost from Premium Service Providers

Avoid companies that offer prices that seem too good to be true, as they may compromise the quality of service. Additionally, ensure that the cleaning business is fully insured and bonded to protect you from damages or injuries during the cleaning process.

Customer Service

A cleaning company that values good customer service is also essential. A responsive business that addresses the concerns of customers is likely to offer great service.

Amazing Service Provided

For this reason, Busy Bee Cleaning is an excellent option to consider in Pennsylvania since they offer free estimates, reasonable price, great services, and value customer service.


House cleaning services in Malvern PA offer numerous benefits to those who value cleanliness and organization in their homes or workplaces.

By hiring skilled cleaners, individuals and businesses can save time cleaning and effort while ensuring that their spaces are thoroughly cleaned using the latest equipment and techniques. They can prevent the buildup of dirt, and germs that can cause health issues.

Home Cleaned by Cleaning Pros

Professional cleaning services in Malvern PA can also provide carpet cleaning services to keep them looking fresh.

If you’re looking to find house cleaning services in Malvern PA, choose a reputable business that can do an amazing job and helps you achieve your desired level of cleanliness and organization.

Do you want to clean more effectively? Then, you must know certain things before starting. The truth is that house cleaning in Downingtown, PA, has no right or wrong technique.

Whichever method you use for cleaning is okay as long as you manage to get the job done. Moreover, the fact that you cleaned anything at all is a success because a clean environment can lead to a calmer state of mind.

You’ll feel more focused and be able to move on to other critical activities once your home is clutter-free and organized.

The more organized everything is, the more productive you can be. Having a clean house has several advantages, especially for your health and well-being.

However, there are some techniques to speed up and simplify cleaning your home. We know you won’t always have enough time to deep-clean your home, whether you need to organize your bathroom, clean the garage, dust your ceiling fans, or freshen up the kids’ rooms.


House Cleaning Downingtown PA: Expert Tips

In order to find simple cleaning hacks and product recommendations to simplify your work, we gathered the following tips that any house cleaner from Downingtown, PA, must do to clean your house in little to no time.


1. Put the Clutter Away

Clean up and put away anything that has accumulated on your home’s surfaces. This is one of the first things you should do before dusting, wiping, and scrubbing. You can also designate a place to temporarily store all the clutter so you can arrange it or throw it away once you’re done cleaning. 

The reason some individuals find cleaning so challenging is that their homes are too cluttered.

Cleaning will be much easier after a major decluttering because everything will be where it should be.


2. Get All the Cleaning Supplies

Creating a designated place for all of your cleaning tools and equipment is a good place to start when it comes to cleaning.

A great piece of advice is to get a small cart to carry throughout the house while getting the work done.


3. Create a To-Do List

Setting up a timetable and cleaning routine can help you focus on your house and keep your thoughts in control.

Cleaning the same area repeatedly while ignoring other areas of your house makes no sense. We advise you to break down your cleaning activities into a schedule. This way, you won’t ever have to spend hours, or even several days, making a complete-home thorough clean over and over again.

All high-traffic areas should be cleaned and disinfected every day. On the other hand, vacuum and mop each room, wipe away the dust, and deep-clean the bathroom every week


3. Find an Easier Way to Do It

The best way to tackle cleaning projects is to work smarter, not harder. One great element that can help you do this is a cordless electric spin scrubber with an extending arm, as it makes cleaning much more efficient.

With this tool, it requires little effort to clean even the toughest areas, such as your bathroom. Thanks to the extended arm, you can clean huge bathtubs or showers without bending over. Moreover, it does a wonderful job of cleaning the floor’s grout lines. You can even use it with a dry scrubber head to dust baseboards.


4. Focus on One Task at a Time

Taking care of the whole house while you clean instead of cleaning one room at a time is another excellent technique.

Focusing on one task, such as mopping, and doing it in all rooms will make cleaning a house much more efficient.

You may avoid doing the same thing repeatedly in each area and ultimately save hours by focusing on one task at a time.


5. Make Scrubbing Much More Powerful

If you want to improve your scrubbing skills, we recommend you try grout cleaning. This consists of mixing any common cleaning agent and a little elbow grease.

It works fantastically when it comes to cleaning bathroom and kitchen tiles. Grout cleaning is a powerful technique for cleaning tile grout, especially because removing stains from the grout between the tiles is considerably harder.

This will do an excellent job and prevent you from having to hire house cleaning services from a cleaning company.


6. Prep Your Toilet

The best recipe for cleaning your toilet is the following:

  • Mix 1 cup of baking soda with 15 drops each of lemon or orange essential oil and tea tree essential oil for a spotlessly clean toilet. 
  • Before flushing, clean the mixture with a bowl brush and let it stay in the bowl for 30 minutes.
  • Enjoy your spotless toilet bowl.


7. Clean the Dishwasher

In your regular cleaning schedule, you must flush out the inside of your dishwasher by running an empty dry-heat cycle.

Moreover, you can clean the most affected areas with weak bleach to maintain your dishwasher germ-free.

However, if the silverware basket has mold, let it soak with warm water diluted bleach for 30 minutes.

Finally, when putting something back into the dishwasher, rinse it thoroughly.


8. Rinse off the Drains

You can save hundreds of dollars on house cleaning services by performing regular drain cleaning.

Just pour half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of white vinegar down the drain once per month.

Let it react and fizzle for approximately 30 minutes, then wash it down with hot water.

This a well-kept secret from maid service companies in Downingtown, PA, as it will do an excellent job when removing the oil and filth accumulating in the drains that cause them to clog.


9. Wash Your Cleaning Service Supplies

Your cleaning equipment must be properly cleaned before you even use it to clean your house. If you don’t clean your equipment first, cleaning will take longer than it should.

This is something that most house cleaning services and maid services from Downingtown, PA, do to ensure your house cleaning runs as smoothly as possible.


If Everything Else Fails, Hire House Cleaning Services from Downingtown, PA, and West Chester

If you don’t want to take care of deep-cleaning your house, you can always get a great service by hiring house cleaning services in Downingtown or Chester county.

We are a home cleaning company that offers all sorts of professional services in Downingtown, PA, such as business cleaning services and commercial cleaning.

Our maid services are sure to perform an amazing job and help you save money and time getting your house cleaned with the best cleaning products in West Chester.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a house cleaning service in West Chester that will do a fantastic job, you should consider hiring a company for a high-quality maid service

What to Expect from a House Cleaning Service

Whether you’ve had your house cleaned professionally before or are new to the process, it’s important to understand what you can expect from a house cleaning service. Your home is your safe space, and you should feel comfortable with hiring a top-notch house cleaning service in Glen Mills, PA.
While each cleaner will offer different services, there is a standard set of services that most professional cleaners will offer. Here is what you can expect when you hire a house cleaning service.

Schedule initial consultation

Since every home is different and each homeowner requires different things, it’s important to have an initial consultation with your prospective cleaning company. This will help set expectations around what is included and allow you to ask any questions about their services.
During this stage, a representative from the company might come to your house to fully scope out the amount of work, or it might take place via the phone. If you conduct the consultation in person, it can be helpful to walk the cleaner through the home and point out any problem areas or places that need additional attention. This will also ensure the house cleaning service in Glen Mills, PA can provide an accurate quote for the scope of the work.

Move forward with the first cleaning

If you feel confident in their abilities and are comfortable with the quote provided, you can take the next step and schedule your first cleaning service. Depending on the frequency of cleaning, it can be beneficial to book several visits at once, so you’re on their schedule regularly and able to prepare in advance for their visits.
Before the professional cleaners arrive, picking up any clutter or putting away items that might be in the way can help streamline the cleaning process and ensure they can come in and get to work. If you want them to change the sheets or swap out linens, it’s also advised to get those ready before the cleaning company arrives.

During the cleaning

While the level of cleaning will vary based on the package or details you’ve outlined, there are some basic services that a cleaning company will usually offer. These include:

  • Living room: Whether you’re having guests over or trying to pick up after kids, the living room is the focal point of your house. To keep it clean, we suggest hiring a cleaning company that will:
  • ○ Sweep floors
    ○ Mop
    ○ Vacuumrugs
    ○ Dustingmantel, TV

  • Bathroom – As one of the most frequented rooms in the house, your bathroom can quickly get dirty. If you hire our house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA, we will:
  • ○ Wipe showers and sinks
    ○ Clean toilets
    ○ Mop
    ○ Clean and polish the shower head and sink faucets
    ○ Dusting light fixtures

  • Bedroom – Your bedroom is your sanctuary and comfort after a long day. A professional cleaning company can ensure it is maintained and ready for your enjoyment. You can expect your cleaning company to handle the following:
  • ○ Changing sheets
    ○ Dusting furniture
    ○ Vacuum, sweeping or mopping

  • Kitchen – Even the least savvy cooks deserve a clean kitchen to enjoy their food. But, even with minimal use, a kitchen can become easily dirty. Consider hiring a cleaning company that:
  • ○ Wipes down counters
    ○ Wipe down cabinets
    ○ Wipes out fridge
    ○ Offers oven cleaning
    ○ Sweeping and mopping floors
    ○ Wiping cabinets and other appliances
    If there are specific tasks outside of the standard procedures, you should consult with your cleaning company to see what kind of deep-cleaning services they offer. More intense tasks like cleaning windows, deep conditioning carpets or steaming your hardwood floors will likely cost more but can help maintain your house in the long run.

Other expectations from a house cleaning service

As you consider hiring a house cleaning service in Glen Mills, PA, it’s important to ensure your cleaners are professional and respectable. As you interview and decide on a house cleaning service, you should confirm the following:

  • Are your employees’ backgrounds checked?
  • Any reputable and established cleaning service will ensure their employees have passed a thorough background check. This gives peace of mind to the homeowner and verifies that the employees are reliable and trustworthy.

  • Do you send the same person every time?
  • It can be helpful to set the expectation that the same cleaning crew will be working on the house each time the company is hired. If the same person cleans the house every time, they’ll begin to understand the homeowner’s preferences and the best way to clean each room.

  • Do I need to be here to let the cleaning crew in?
  • If you’re not there when the professional cleaners show up, how can they enter the house? Some cleaning companies require the owner to be present during the cleaning, so it’s important to understand your chosen company’s requirements.

  • What happens if something is broken?
  • Most cleaning companies are bonded and insured — meaning if anything is broken or an employee is injured, it will be covered by the cleaning company’s insurance. Otherwise, it can be the homeowner’s responsibility to cover any costs or broken equipment. Make sure your hired company is insured and ask for proof of insurance to be sure.

These frequently asked questions are on the minds of several homeowners as they understand what to expect from a house cleaning service. Setting these expectations up front will ensure everyone is on the same page and there are no misunderstandings. As always, homeowners should feel entirely comfortable and trusting that the cleaning company will take care of their home and belongings.
If you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable house cleaning service in Glen Mills, PA, Busy Bee Cleaners can help. With 30 years in business, our team has an outstanding reputation and proven track record of happy customers in the area.
Ready to get started? We offer free online estimates, so you’ll clearly understand the cost of our services without any surprise fees. To schedule a cleaning, or if you have any questions, give our house cleaners a call today.

What to Look for When Hiring a Cleaning Company

Finding time to clean your house regularly can be a challenge, even for the most organized households. Whether you’re short on time or find the cleaning process stressful, there are several reasons you might be looking to hire house cleaning services in Chester Springs, PA. But finding the right company can be a challenge. Where can you find a trustworthy and quality cleaning company?

At Busy Bee Cleaning Co., our professional house cleaning specialists work closely with our clients to ensure they deliver complete satisfaction when cleaning your home. If you are looking for a reliable and qualified cleaning company, we can help.

If the thought of finding a cleaning company is daunting, here are some things you should consider when you hire house cleaning services in Chester Springs, PA.

What to look for

As you look for a cleaning company, there are some specific areas to consider. You want to ask the right questions to ensure you find a quality cleaning company.

  • Referrals – The best way to find a quality cleaning service is through referrals and reviews. By looking at Google reviews, the company’s website, or reaching out to previous clients, you can better understand the cleaning company’s quality of work and how the public perceives them.
    If a company is hesitant to provide referrals or there are negative reviews on its public review pages, it might be a red flag. Make sure you thoroughly look into their previous client’s testimonials to confirm they’ve done good work in the past.
    At Busy Bee Cleaning Co., we’re proud to offer previous client referrals or you can head to our website and see our testimonials. On Google, we have a 4.6 rating with over 70 positive reviews.
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A clean home can provide not only peace of mind but important time back in your life to spend with family, be more productive in other areas of life, and keep your personal space organized and tidy.

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How to keep high traffic areas clean

You might have noticed that no matter how frequently you clean, the same areas of your home stay dirty. It’s likely because specific spaces in your house are more frequented than others, creating a pattern of mess in those locations. Usually, around entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens, these high-trafficked areas can be a sore spot for any cleaner.

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Imagine this — you’re in the middle of your busy day and get a call that your in-laws are unexpectedly going to drop by tomorrow for dinner. Immediately, your mind goes to the messy house that you were planning to clean this weekend but now have to tackle ahead of time. Even the most organized and tidy house owners might get unforeseen news that requires a last-minute emergency house cleaning. When the unexpected happens, make sure you’re prepared to call a reliable and trustworthy house cleaning service in West Chester, PA.
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Keeping your house clean on a regular basis can feel like a neverending to-do list. From sweeping the floors, doing the laundry, and keeping the dishes out of the sink, you can waste a lot of energy tidying up every day. At Busy Bees, our house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA ensure you can spend less time picking up your house and more time enjoying it. 


There are some simple and efficient ways to keep your house in tiptop shape. Here’s what we recommend: 


  • Make the bed every morning 

If you think making your bed every morning is a waste of time, think again. You immediately tidy up the look of your bedroom and start the day off right. Those few minutes will set you up for success throughout the rest of the day. And you’ll come home at night ready to crawl into bed!


  • Clean out the sink every night

Doing the dishes at the end of a long day is usually the last thing most people want to do. But by cleaning out the sink every night, your house will stay tidier throughout the week. Make it entertaining by playing some music or rewarding yourself with a glass of wine. It’ll make the chore feel worth it!


  • Do a load of laundry (almost) every day

Just like the dishes, laundry is an easy one to let pile up throughout the week. This leaves you with an overflowing hamper of dirty clothes by the weekend. One way to avoid spending your weekend in the laundry room is to try and do laundry throughout the week. Possibly, every day depending on how many people are in your house. As you go through the loads, find a cozy place to fold the laundry.


  • Keep a house cleaning schedule

Setting a cleaning schedule can help break down the work that needs to be done. This ensures you don’t get behind in cleaning. Sit down and write out each room you need to clean. Divide the list up throughout the days of the week. Post the list in a high-traffic area that you’ll see daily. This helps keep you consistent and on track throughout the week. And if you’re looking for professional house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA contact the Busy Bee team to get added to our schedule of clients!


  • Use doormats at all entrances

Doormats are not only decorative — they’re functional in helping your home stay clean. Placing doormats at the exterior doors of your home can prevent unwanted dirt, debris, and outside material from coming inside your house. In the winter months, they can also reduce the mess tracked in the house from snow and salt! Every week, make sure to shake them out or vacuum them so they stay clean and prevent additional dirt in the house.


  • Sort the mail every day house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA

Every day the mail comes, bringing more paper into your home. It can be easy to leave large stacks of mail, flyers, or children’s art around the house. But instead, try and sort and organize these items. One way to do this is to invest in a shredder for any sensitive materials. Or get a box for the non-personal mail you want to recycle.


  • Set a “closing” routine every night before bed

Just like if you worked at a restaurant or retail store, a closing routine can help get your home in shape to “open” the following morning. This can include simple things like wiping down all your counters, cleaning the dishes, setting the coffee pot, and picking up any lingering items or mess strewn about. Set a timer for 15 minutes before going to bed and get the small things done so you can wake up with a clutter-free house.


  • Never leave a room empty-handed 

As you go from room to room in your house, evaluate the objects out of place and try to pick them up. Whether it’s a sweatshirt laying in the kitchen or some dirty dishes in the living room, taking the time to pick up items as you leave a room and put them in their rightful place will help keep your house tidy throughout the day. Plus, this tip takes advantage of your natural movements throughout the house, making you more efficient in cleaning.


  • Keep cleaning supplies nearby and organized house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA

Having easy access to your cleaning supplies is a simple way to ensure you can clean each room with ease and efficiency. Try getting a small cady and fill it with a few rags, and chemicals to keep under the cabinet in each bathroom. Have a broom or vacuum on each floor of your house so you don’t have to lug the equipment up and down stairs. Also, keep your cleaning supplies organized and accessible. Cluttered cleaning closets and spray bottles spewn about create more mess and deter you from cleaning.


  • Keep food in the kitchen house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA

One way to keep your house clean and eliminate added mess is to only eat meals and snacks in the kitchen. By tracking food through the house, it’s easy to spill things or drop crumbs throughout other rooms. Keep the late-night snacks to the kitchen and you’ll notice less mess in the bedroom or other snack areas. 

Keeping your house clean doesn’t need to be an added stressor in your life. Make sure to work smarter, not harder with these house cleaning tips. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the upkeep and want house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA, contact Busy Bees. We’ll help manage the mess!


You can contact us here:

Keeping your house clean is often a source of stress and agony for many people and their households. It takes up hours of your time, it’s physically exhausting, and even after hours of cleaning, your house can still feel dirty. If you’re tired of the vicious house cleaning cycle, you should consider outsourcing your house cleaning in Downingtown, PA


While you may think house cleaning is an unattainable luxury or something out of reach, you might be surprised to find out that it’s affordable and convenient — especially when you use Busy Bee cleaners. If you’re looking to outsource your housing cleaning in Downingtown, PA, contact us today for a free consultation! We’ll devise a routine that leaves your house feeling clean and enjoyable.


Still on the fence? Here are some reasons you should consider outsourcing your house cleaning:


1.) Have more time to yourself

Cleaning even small apartments can consume hours of your time every week. The bigger the house, the more time you spend cleaning. But by outsourcing your house cleaning, you’ll get hours back in your life. And you can spend more time doing what you love. What would you do with seven more hours back every week? The possibilities are endless. 

2.) You work full time

After a long day of commuting to the office, working, and coming home to make dinner, the last thing you want to do is spend your time cleaning the house. But instead, our team gets your house in perfect shape. And you can come home and kick back after a long day. If your work schedule leaves no time to clean, consider outsourcing your house cleaning in Downingtown, PA, by hiring our team.


3.) Entertaining guests

Anyone who’s entertained knows the struggle to get the house clean before your guests arrive. Whether it’s football season or the holidays coming up, everyone wants to impress their guests with a clean house. So, should consider hiring a professional cleaning service. You’ll be able to spend more time hosting your guests and less time preparing. With regular house cleaning, you’ll be able to offer your house as the go-to location for graduation parties, baby showers, and other celebratory moments of life.


4.) Cut down on expensive cleaning tools and supplies

Stocking up on all the items you need to keep your house clean can add up quickly in costs. Each room requires different supplies and tools like mops, vacuums, chemicals, sponges, and more. And let’s hope none of your tools ever need repairs or replacing, adding on more unexpected costs and hassle. 


These supplies take up valuable space in your house and cost money. Instead, hire a professional cleaner with top-of-the-line equipment and all the materials needed. Think of it as an investment into a service instead of investment into supplies.


5.) Division of labor in your house cleaning in Downingtown, PA

Do you and your spouse find yourself arguing over who will do the dishes or if it’s your turn to fold the laundry? The division of labor in many households can be a sores spot for many couples. Avoid those disagreements by hiring a professional house cleaner who can eliminate the need to split up the chores among family members! By outsourcing the work, both spouses are able to enjoy more time together.


6.) You want professional-level house cleaning in Downingtown, PA

Sometimes no matter how frequently or thoroughly you clean your house, it can’t compare to the professional quality that trained house cleaners can offer. Experienced house cleaners take the time to get in every nook and cranny, making sure that even the often forgotten about areas are attended to. If you’re looking to hire someone for house cleaning in Downingtown, PA, and beyond, contact our team at Busy Bee’s for a top-notch professional clean every time.


7.) Newborn in the house

Did you recently welcome a new baby into the family? If so, congrats! The last thing you want to be doing during the precious newborn stage is worrying about your dirty home. By hiring a professional team to come in and do the work for you, you’ll be able to spend more time with your baby in a clean and safe environment.


8.) Create a healthier home

Did you know that the regular cleaning of your house can prevent harmful airborne bacteria like mold or mildew? These toxic particles floating around in your home can impact children, elders, or those with weakened immune systems which could easily get sick from a dirty house. Hiring professional cleaners who can thoroughly disinfect and help reduce these toxins will improve your quality of life and help you and your family stay healthier.


9.) Your weekends are busy.

If you have a busy family life or are traveling a lot for work, finding time to clean can feel like the least important thing to do. From taking kids to soccer practice to making time for date nights, having a clean house every day of the week will make your life more enjoyable for the whole family. Reclaim your weekend time by hiring cleaners to take care of the dirty work. 


10.)You deserve it!

Sometimes you don’t even need a reason to treat yourself to something special. Having a clean house is something everyone deserves! Once you find a professional house cleaning team, you’ll be able to kick back and relax in your clean home, eliminating the stress of a messy house. 



No matter your motivation, having a clean house will increase your quality of life and improve your mood. Hiring professional cleaners will benefit you in the long run from saving time to creating a healthier environment and several other benefits! Contact our team at Busy Bee Cleaners today to learn how we can help you reduce stress and get your house clean! Our team of professional cleaners will ensure every room in your house is left spotless. 

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