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How Often Should You Be Dusting Your Home?

To many, especially the younger readers, dusting might seem like an outdated practice that only stuffy older people do in their homes. In reality, dusting is an incredibly vital and necessary part of any house cleaning routine that keeps surfaces sanitary and germ-free. Those in need of a maid service in Paoli, PA, and its surrounding areas should look to Busy Bee Cleaning Company to keep their homes clean even when they don’t have the time. For those who prefer the home maintenance approach, it is imperative not to overlook dusting during your routine.


Many people don’t understand what dust is or where it comes from, which might be why so many ignore it when cleaning their homes. Fungi, dead skin, and other forms of bacteria are typically how dust is formed, and the causes can range from leaving windows open to a lack of housekeeping in general. Most dust can even be produced by our own bodies and can lead to diseases if left unaddressed.


While you should be cleaning your home regularly, how often you need to dust depends on the factors of your home. For example, if you are a pet owner, you need to dust more frequently. Dust can build up from the shedding of fur, as well as skin flakes and dander that your pet may produce. 


As a general rule of thumb, however, aim to have your house dusted at least once a month. If there are areas that are harder to reach, you don’t have to go out of your way to dust these areas too often; just address them a couple of times per year. What’s important is that dusting is kept up consistently, so toxic bacteria doesn’t start to build up. Watch the following video for more information on proper house dusting:


If you don’t have the time to clean every month, there’s no need to worry! Busy Bee Cleaning Services offers award-winning maid services to Villanova, PA, and beyond, so you can go about your lifestyle without having to worry about setting aside cleaning time. To get started on making your home clean and dust-free, contact us today for a free estimate!

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