The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Around the Home
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Now that you are spending more time at home with the family, the list of places that need a thorough cleaning is getting longer. In between professional home cleaning service visits for your Exton, PA home, there are several steps you can take to standardize the cleaning list and keep your house in order. Whether it is a daily task list or a yearly cleaning, there are some steps that you can apply to your cleaning routine to optimize efficiency.

Step 1: Form a Core Task List

Whenever you start cleaning your home, knowing where to start can be a daunting task. Creating one list with all of the cleaning tasks you need to work through and further breaking it down into sections can help you prioritize which area of your home needs tackling first. A section devoted to the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning tasks provides a clear and actionable list for you as you work through cleaning your home. 

Step 2: Do the Same Task in Every Room First

This step may seem counterintuitive at first, but hear us out. When you decide that you want to do a top-to-bottom cleaning of your home, you can easily fall into the trap of focusing too much on one room and get sidetracked. Say you start in the living room, you run through your entire checklist of what needs cleaning in that room, but one particular task winds up taking longer than you anticipated. You can quickly become hyper-focused on a single room without moving onto the rest of your home, pushing the entire cleaning schedule back. However, focusing on a singular task across all the rooms in your home ensures that you make real progress across every room in the house, and you don’t accidentally miss that step in a given area. 

Step 3: Identify the Neglected Areas

The neglected areas are the high-traffic places in your home with the most frequent contact; think microwaves, ovens, and door handles. Despite how much they are touched, you may not give a second thought to cleaning unless there’s an emergency. Writing these tasks down and setting aside a time to tackle them means you can provide these areas the attention they deserve. 

Step 4: Stick to the Plan 

Following the core task sheet and getting a handle on your new cleaning routine between professional visits will help your home in the long run. As long as you stick to the plan you have in place, the professional house cleaning services for your Exton, PA home can focus on any deep cleaning that you are not equipped to complete. The combination of the professional cleaning services and your proactive cleaning measures leads to a happier and cleaner home for you and your family. 

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