Debunking Household Cleaning Myths: The Truth Behind Common Mistakes
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Keeping up with all the latest cleaning trends on the internet could be a full-time job, but as helpful as some of these trendy techniques can be, there are just as many that could end up doing a lot more harm than good. 

Here at Busy Bee Cleaning Company, we know how difficult it can be to separate fact from fiction, and we want to make sure that you do not fall victim to any of these false cleaning hacks. Whether you are a homeowner or a house cleaner yourself, here is a list of some of the most common cleaning myths and why you shouldn’t follow them.  

Vinegar is a Great All Purpose Cleaner

Vinegar has long been regarded as a great all-purpose cleaner, but in reality, this age-old cleaning hack does not live up to expectations. While vinegar is acidic and can remove dirt and kill bacteria by itself, most of the most common vinegar-related cleaning myths involve mixing a small amount of vinegar into water, completely negating any of its potential cleaning benefits. 

That being said, you may be wondering why you can’t just use vinegar by itself. Vinegar is effective for cleaning things like water stains from faucets and windows, but it does not work any better than other cleaning products. With its potential to damage surfaces like wood and stone, you are better off using something else. 

Bleach is the Best Cleaning Product on the Market

Bleach is another product commonly touted as the end all be all of cleaning products, but again, this view is misguided. In fact, while bleach can lighten up stains and make them less noticeable, it does not actually remove the dirt, grease, and grime that caused them in the first place. 

Bleach is much better classified as a disinfectant. It excels at sanitizing surfaces, but considering that it can also discolor and damage everything from countertops to fabrics, it is best to only use bleach in specific cleaning situations and not as a comprehensive cleaning solution.

You Should Vacuum Before You Dust 

This myth is an example of something that used to be good advice but has been made obsolete with the advent of modern cleaning supplies and more advanced equipment. Old-school vacuum cleaners used to kick up a lot of dust during operation, so it made sense to wait to break out the duster. 

However, modern vacuum cleaners are infinitely better and simply do not do this anymore, so it is best to dust first so that any loose dust that falls to the floor gets sucked up by the vacuum cleaner right after.

Feather Dusters Are the Best

Feather dusters have been around for centuries, but just because something has been used for a long time does not mean there are no better options. Most feather dusters do not pick up much dust and simply move it around until it settles somewhere else. Modern Microfiber dusters, on the other hand, do actually attract and hold dust making them the much more effective choice.

You Should Clean Your Toilet With a Colorful Mixture of Cleaning Products

There is no shortage of videos that show people dumping a myriad of colorful cleaning products into their toilets. While these videos may attract a lot of views, following this trend can actually be incredibly dangerous. 

Many of these colorful cleaning products contain bleach or ammonia, and when you mix the two, it creates a toxic gas that could kill you in high enough concentrations. In reality, you do not need to mix a bunch of different cleaning products to get a clean toilet anyway, so it is best that you just stick with one.   

Coca-Cola Cleans Toilets Too

Coca-Cola is also often said to be great for cleaning toilets too, but while it does contain acid that can remove certain toilet stains, it also leaves a sugary, sticky residue that can cause further staining and create an environment ideal for the growth of harmful bacteria.

Hairspray Can Remove Ink Stains

This is another cleaning myth that used to be true but is not anymore. The high concentration of alcohol in older hairsprays did make them great for removing ink stains, but nowadays, hairspray contains a lot less alcohol than it used to. They also contain a ton of other chemicals that can actually make the stain worse. 

You Should Scrub Stains Hard

One of the most widely spread cleaning myths is that you need to scrub hard to get rid of stains. However, this actually tends to have the opposite effect. Hard scrubbing can damage fibers and actually cause the stain to penetrate deeper. Instead, try to blot out the stain and rinse with water before using some other purpose built stain remover to finish the job. 

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