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Spring cleaning is an annual event in many homes, especially in areas where cold weather prevent extensive cleaning during the winter. With the warmer weather of spring, cleaning was once again possible a few months ago at the start of spring, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you got your spring cleaning done. Maybe you kept putting it off, one weekend at a time, and now you find yourself at the end of spring.   

Don’t put it off for spring 2020; do your spring cleaning this summer and call it summer cleaning. Even better, hire the professionals from Garnet Valley, PA’s best residential cleaning service to do your summer cleaning for you!

Busy Bee Cleaning Co. will give your home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom with their residential cleaning services, the best in Newtown Square, PA.

Make Your Home More Sanitary

Emptying trash and sanitizing toilets are things you’re hopefully doing already, but that doesn’t mean you enjoy these chores. In fact, they’re probably some of your least favorite activities. But with regular cleanings from Busy Bee Cleaning Co., you’ll remove these bits of drudgery from your life, leaving you more time for the things you enjoy doing.

Reduce Allergies

You’ve made it through spring, but summer is also one of the times of year for many allergies. The last thing you need is to add to your sinus problems with dust in your home. We dust, vacuum, and remove cobwebs to improve the air quality in your home, so your allergies won’t force you to call off any of your summer plans.

Here’s a video showing some of these residential cleaning services:

Get Even Cleaner with Deep Cleaning Services

Our residential customers can take advantage of our Deep Cleaning Services, which can achieve these effects even better.

  • Your home will be even more sanitary with interior refrigerator cleaning, polished granite, and interior cabinet cleaning.
  • We’ll reduce the presence of dust and cobwebs in your home with hanging fixture cleaning and furniture vacuuming.

Any time of year is the best time for a clean house, and you can have a clean house now with help from Busy Bee Cleaning Co. Contact us today and request an estimate online.

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