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Four Tips for Cleaning During Flu Season

Every fall and winter, instances of cold and flu increase rapidly, with one in ten Americans suffering from a cold or the flu virus in an average year. As the most reputable provider of residential cleaning services in Paoli, PA, we’ve compiled some essential tips to keep the germs and bacteria in your home under control.

Clean All Linens Regularly

If you have a towel in the bathroom or kitchen area that everyone in your household regularly dries their hands with, it should be changed and cleaned regularly. Clean bed linen and towels not only make sick family members feel cleaner and comfier, but they also stop the spread of germs throughout the home. The idea is to keep bugs contained, and damp or dirty hand towels work like Petri dishes for harmful virus bacteria and germs.

Wipe Down Contact Points

There are plenty of surfaces in your home that multiple residents touch every single day. Door handles, kitchen surfaces, faucets, laptop keyboards, and tablet devices can all carry and spread bacteria. We recommend spraying antibacterial disinfectant and wiping down these surfaces regularly. If someone in your house has a cold or flu, daily attention to these areas is essential to avoid the spread of infection.

Clean Surfaces

Now let’s move on to other surfaces that people touch that can harbor dirt invisible to the naked eye. Nightstands, desks, coffee tables, breakfast bars, and window panels on doors are all areas where germs can congregate. Make sure you wipe them down with cleaning products as often as possible to stop bacteria from lingering.

Clean Your Mobile Phone

The average American may check their phone up to 80 times a day. Think about the number of germs on your hands per day – you’re spreading them to your device that many times! We recommend regularly wiping down your phone and making sure the surface is clear of any germs, dirt, or grease. You can use phone-safe cleaner and a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the device. You don’t want to be carrying all those germs in your pocket, or pressing them to your mouth.

These tips should help to keep your family extra healthy as cold and flu season sweeps across the area this winter. If you’re under the weather or just too busy to keep up with cleaning around the house and feel like you need a helping hand, click here to contact Busy Bee Cleaning Co and schedule our premium maid service in West Chester, PA.

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