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Keeping your house clean on a regular basis can feel like a neverending to-do list. From sweeping the floors, doing the laundry, and keeping the dishes out of the sink, you can waste a lot of energy tidying up every day. At Busy Bees, our house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA ensure you can spend less time picking up your house and more time enjoying it. 


There are some simple and efficient ways to keep your house in tiptop shape. Here’s what we recommend: 


  • Make the bed every morning 

If you think making your bed every morning is a waste of time, think again. You immediately tidy up the look of your bedroom and start the day off right. Those few minutes will set you up for success throughout the rest of the day. And you’ll come home at night ready to crawl into bed!


  • Clean out the sink every night

Doing the dishes at the end of a long day is usually the last thing most people want to do. But by cleaning out the sink every night, your house will stay tidier throughout the week. Make it entertaining by playing some music or rewarding yourself with a glass of wine. It’ll make the chore feel worth it!


  • Do a load of laundry (almost) every day

Just like the dishes, laundry is an easy one to let pile up throughout the week. This leaves you with an overflowing hamper of dirty clothes by the weekend. One way to avoid spending your weekend in the laundry room is to try and do laundry throughout the week. Possibly, every day depending on how many people are in your house. As you go through the loads, find a cozy place to fold the laundry.


  • Keep a house cleaning schedule

Setting a cleaning schedule can help break down the work that needs to be done. This ensures you don’t get behind in cleaning. Sit down and write out each room you need to clean. Divide the list up throughout the days of the week. Post the list in a high-traffic area that you’ll see daily. This helps keep you consistent and on track throughout the week. And if you’re looking for professional house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA contact the Busy Bee team to get added to our schedule of clients!


  • Use doormats at all entrances

Doormats are not only decorative — they’re functional in helping your home stay clean. Placing doormats at the exterior doors of your home can prevent unwanted dirt, debris, and outside material from coming inside your house. In the winter months, they can also reduce the mess tracked in the house from snow and salt! Every week, make sure to shake them out or vacuum them so they stay clean and prevent additional dirt in the house.


  • Sort the mail every day house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA

Every day the mail comes, bringing more paper into your home. It can be easy to leave large stacks of mail, flyers, or children’s art around the house. But instead, try and sort and organize these items. One way to do this is to invest in a shredder for any sensitive materials. Or get a box for the non-personal mail you want to recycle.


  • Set a “closing” routine every night before bed

Just like if you worked at a restaurant or retail store, a closing routine can help get your home in shape to “open” the following morning. This can include simple things like wiping down all your counters, cleaning the dishes, setting the coffee pot, and picking up any lingering items or mess strewn about. Set a timer for 15 minutes before going to bed and get the small things done so you can wake up with a clutter-free house.


  • Never leave a room empty-handed 

As you go from room to room in your house, evaluate the objects out of place and try to pick them up. Whether it’s a sweatshirt laying in the kitchen or some dirty dishes in the living room, taking the time to pick up items as you leave a room and put them in their rightful place will help keep your house tidy throughout the day. Plus, this tip takes advantage of your natural movements throughout the house, making you more efficient in cleaning.


  • Keep cleaning supplies nearby and organized house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA

Having easy access to your cleaning supplies is a simple way to ensure you can clean each room with ease and efficiency. Try getting a small cady and fill it with a few rags, and chemicals to keep under the cabinet in each bathroom. Have a broom or vacuum on each floor of your house so you don’t have to lug the equipment up and down stairs. Also, keep your cleaning supplies organized and accessible. Cluttered cleaning closets and spray bottles spewn about create more mess and deter you from cleaning.


  • Keep food in the kitchen house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA

One way to keep your house clean and eliminate added mess is to only eat meals and snacks in the kitchen. By tracking food through the house, it’s easy to spill things or drop crumbs throughout other rooms. Keep the late-night snacks to the kitchen and you’ll notice less mess in the bedroom or other snack areas. 

Keeping your house clean doesn’t need to be an added stressor in your life. Make sure to work smarter, not harder with these house cleaning tips. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the upkeep and want house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA, contact Busy Bees. We’ll help manage the mess!


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