Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks for Busy Professionals: From a Downingtown Expert Cleaner
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Proper home cleaning often requires a ton of time that most people simply do not have, making it nearly impossible for many to keep their homes as clean as they would like. However, it does not have to be that way. 

While you will undoubtedly still have to spend some time cleaning, there are plenty of ways to get the clean home you want in only a fraction of the time. So, if you struggle to stay on top of your home cleaning responsibilities, here are 10 time-saving hacks from the professionals here at Busy Bee Cleaning Company.

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1. Create a Reasonable Cleaning Schedule

Most people’s biggest struggle when it comes to home cleaning is setting aside the time to do it. One of the best ways to address this is to set a reasonable cleaning schedule, which can help you be more deliberate with your time and ensure that you have enough of it.

Cleaning is not something that needs to happen all at once, and setting up a schedule can allow you to split up your cleaning tasks into much more manageable chunks that can be accomplished throughout the day or week.

2. Clean as You Go

The longer you let push off your cleaning chores, the longer it will take to get your home clean again, so some of the best advice we can give is to get used to cleaning as you go. Many of the most common and necessary cleaning tasks only take a few minutes to accomplish, so whether it is washing the dishes, mopping up a spill, or simply putting something away after you use it, do not wait to clean it up later. Take care of it now, and you will have one less thing to worry about. 

3. Use Old Newspapers, Junk Mail, or Other Paper Documents to Keep Your Trash Cans Clean

Liquids from the garbage in your trash can cause a big and often smelly mess that you have to worry about cleaning up every time you empty the trash, but there is a simple and easy way that you can avoid these messes.

Simply put some old newspapers, magazines, mail, or any other excess paper documents that you may have at the bottom of the bag, and they will soak up that liquid before it has a chance to leak out of the bag.

4. Use Liners for Your Refrigerator Shelves

After a while, the food in your fridge will make the shelves it sits on quite dirty, meaning that you will eventually have to spend extra time cleaning them up again. However, there is a way to prevent this. 

There are plenty of disposable and reusable refrigerator shelf liner options available, and choosing to use any one of them can eliminate the need to clean your refrigerator shelves for good.

5. Dust Before You Vacuum

Another big time saver is remembering to always dust before you vacuum. As you dust the different surfaces throughout your home, many of the dust and dirt particles from those surfaces will escape your duster and fall down to the floor. So, unless you want a reason to break out your vacuum cleaner a second time, it is always best to dust first. 

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6. Take Full Advantage of Your Dishwasher 

While you may not think to use your dishwasher for cleaning anything other than your pots, pans, and plates, there are plenty of other things around your home that you can clean with your dishwasher. From refrigerator shelves and oven grates to home decor like vases, bathroom accessories like shower poufs, rubber bath mats, and soap dishes, and many more, you can save a ton of time by outsourcing the work to your dishwasher. 

7. Steam Clean Your Oven and Microwave

Burnt and dried food can be a pain that requires a lot of hard scrubbing to get rid of, but steam cleaning your microwave or oven can go a long way to loosening this food, making it easier and quicker to clean.

Many ovens actually suggest this as the primary form of cleaning, so you should follow the instructions for your specific oven if so, but for the microwave, all you have to do is put a bowl of water in and let it run for a few minutes.

8. Do Not Be Afraid to Multitask

When it comes to home cleaning, multitasking is your best friend. There are plenty of cleaning tasks that do not necessarily require your full attention to get done, so you should always look for opportunities to multitask when possible.

Whether it is whipping off the kitchen counters while you steam clean your oven or breaking out the vacuum cleaner while you wait for your laundry, do not be afraid to multitask wherever you can.

9. Make Sure Your Cleaning Supplies are Always Easily Accessible

Putting away your things is important to keeping your home clutter-free, but when it comes to your cleaning supplies, it is best if you do not bury them in the back of your closet.

Keeping them easily accessible can remove an extra barrier that makes it that much harder to clean your home, but by having everything you need within arm’s reach, you will be able to cut back on the time that you spend on your cleaning chores.

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10. Hire Busy Bee Cleaning Company’s Amazing Downingtown House Cleaning Services to Take Care of Cleaning Needs For You

By far, the best way to spend less time cleaning is to hire the professionals at Busy Bee Cleaning Company to take care of it for you. As the leading provider of professional house cleaning services in Downingtown, PA, Busy Bee Cleaning Company is uniquely qualified to give your home the thorough cleaning it needs. 

Here at Busy Bee Cleaning Company, we believe that everyone deserves the luxury of a clean and comfortable home, and you should not have to suffer just because you are too busy. 

With a team of best-in-the-business house cleaners, a commitment to flexible and convenient scheduling, and a dedication to providing excellent service that other home cleaning services cannot compete with, you can trust Busy Bee Cleaning Company to do an outstanding job every time.

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