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Moving out is a great experience, and being able to relocate from one place to another is something you and your family should relish. One of the most essential parts of the process, however, is removing your property from the old location into the new one, and homeowners or renters don’t want to forget to clean the home before moving out. 

Renters’ security deposits might be tied to the cleanliness of the apartment, and homeowners want to make sure their home is in tip-top shape for new owners. Regardless of your situation, cleaning your home can be a tedious process, and you might not be sure where to start. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to find an approach that works for you and ensures your home is cleaned before you move. 

Remove All Personal Items

Before you begin any cleaning process, you want to make sure all your personal property is removed from the home. While cleaning, it’s very easy to throw away certain items you may not even notice are there, and you don’t want to mix up bags of personal items with bags of garbage. Taking these initiatives willl also help you be more efficient and effective with your cleaning, as you’ll have clear access to the areas you need to reach and won’t be worrying about damaging other objects. 

Save the Bathroom For Last

Saving the bathroom for last is to avoid you having to repeatedly clean up any messes you or anyone else cleaning with you might make. Odds are you’ll be using the bathroom a few times throughout the day, so save it for last, and you won’t waste time having to clean up right after.

Don’t forget to scrub shower walls, bathtubs, and sinks when cleaning the bathroom. Remove any mold and mildew from your bathroom, and make sure heavily rusted products are cleaned thoroughly.

Clean From Top to Bottom

Your house cleaning process should start from the top of your rooms to the bottom. You don’t want dust and cobwebs falling onto the beautiful floors and carpets you just cleaned, so start at the ceiling and follow your way down. Dust and wipe down ceiling fans and lights, and wear a dust mask to protect yourself. Grab a stepladder (be sure to have assistance if you’re high up) and use a wet wall cloth for any stains you might find on the ceilings or walls. Avoid wiping too hard, though, as you don’t want to ruin any wall paint.

Remove Nails and Anchors From Walls, and Patch Them Up

Odds are, you had a few paintings or pictures up on the walls, and you must patch those up before moving out of your home. Some landlords ask that you leave a few nails in the walls, so be sure to check with yours before you start cleaning. 

Patching small holes can be done with drywall repair kits from your local hardware store. If you have a ton of holes, or if you’re worried about the status of your drywall, it doesn’t hurt to call a drywall professional to do the job for you.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Any tables and chairs left behind need to be cleaned before moving out, and they are easy and simple — just don’t stain anything!. An all-purpose cleaner should do the trick for your tables and kitchen countertops, and don’t forget any bookshelves and other hard surfaces around your home. Light switches and wall outlets are also easy to miss, but make a massive difference in the appearance of your home, so don’t forget to scrub out any dirt or fingerprint stains from those items.

Wipe Down Appliances

A deep clean isn’t complete without wiping down regularly used home appliances like your stove and microwave. These are essential items, so you want to make sure you give them an excellent clean that you would appreciate if it was the other way around. Make certain that fingerprint markings are removed from any stainless steel appliances, such as your fridge. A simple water and vinegar mixture can get the job done, but you might also prefer to use an all-purpose cleaner.

The inside of your fridge and your oven and stovetop requires a bit more work. Clean your oven with a mixture of baking soda and water, and clean under gas range knobs if you have a gas stove. Remove all food crumbs from your fridge and clean out your ice maker. Disinfect areas when you’re done cleaning for a truly complete clean.

Vacuum Carpets and Mop Floors

Your moving-out cleaning checklist isn’t complete without vacuuming and mopping floors. Now that you’re at the bottom of the room, you can put the finishing touches on any couches and chairs by vacuuming up dust that may have fallen from the ceiling or walls. After this, move on to vacuuming your carpets and mopping the floors around your house. Because this is one of your last steps, make sure you don’t need to reenter the home once you’re done so that you won’t mess up your work.

Moving Out? Remove Your Cleaning Worries With Busy Bee!

Moving out can be a difficult process, and while some homeowners have the luxury of time, we know that many movers are operating on a tight schedule. That’s where hiring a professional deep cleaning service like Busy Bee can help aid your moving process. We’ll help make your moving process easy with cleaning services that are sure to leave your home spotless. You might not even want to move after we’re done! 

If you’re looking for residential cleaning services for your home, contact Busy Bee Cleaning Company to streamline your moving process and get your home cleaned today!

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