What to Expect from a House Cleaning Service
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What to Expect from a House Cleaning Service

Whether you’ve had your house cleaned professionally before or are new to the process, it’s important to understand what you can expect from a house cleaning service. Your home is your safe space, and you should feel comfortable with hiring a top-notch house cleaning service in Glen Mills, PA.
While each cleaner will offer different services, there is a standard set of services that most professional cleaners will offer. Here is what you can expect when you hire a house cleaning service.

Schedule initial consultation

Since every home is different and each homeowner requires different things, it’s important to have an initial consultation with your prospective cleaning company. This will help set expectations around what is included and allow you to ask any questions about their services.
During this stage, a representative from the company might come to your house to fully scope out the amount of work, or it might take place via the phone. If you conduct the consultation in person, it can be helpful to walk the cleaner through the home and point out any problem areas or places that need additional attention. This will also ensure the house cleaning service in Glen Mills, PA can provide an accurate quote for the scope of the work.

Move forward with the first cleaning

If you feel confident in their abilities and are comfortable with the quote provided, you can take the next step and schedule your first cleaning service. Depending on the frequency of cleaning, it can be beneficial to book several visits at once, so you’re on their schedule regularly and able to prepare in advance for their visits.
Before the professional cleaners arrive, picking up any clutter or putting away items that might be in the way can help streamline the cleaning process and ensure they can come in and get to work. If you want them to change the sheets or swap out linens, it’s also advised to get those ready before the cleaning company arrives.

During the cleaning

While the level of cleaning will vary based on the package or details you’ve outlined, there are some basic services that a cleaning company will usually offer. These include:

  • Living room: Whether you’re having guests over or trying to pick up after kids, the living room is the focal point of your house. To keep it clean, we suggest hiring a cleaning company that will:
  • ○ Sweep floors
    ○ Mop
    ○ Vacuumrugs
    ○ Dustingmantel, TV

  • Bathroom – As one of the most frequented rooms in the house, your bathroom can quickly get dirty. If you hire our house cleaning services in Glen Mills, PA, we will:
  • ○ Wipe showers and sinks
    ○ Clean toilets
    ○ Mop
    ○ Clean and polish the shower head and sink faucets
    ○ Dusting light fixtures

  • Bedroom – Your bedroom is your sanctuary and comfort after a long day. A professional cleaning company can ensure it is maintained and ready for your enjoyment. You can expect your cleaning company to handle the following:
  • ○ Changing sheets
    ○ Dusting furniture
    ○ Vacuum, sweeping or mopping

  • Kitchen – Even the least savvy cooks deserve a clean kitchen to enjoy their food. But, even with minimal use, a kitchen can become easily dirty. Consider hiring a cleaning company that:
  • ○ Wipes down counters
    ○ Wipe down cabinets
    ○ Wipes out fridge
    ○ Offers oven cleaning
    ○ Sweeping and mopping floors
    ○ Wiping cabinets and other appliances
    If there are specific tasks outside of the standard procedures, you should consult with your cleaning company to see what kind of deep-cleaning services they offer. More intense tasks like cleaning windows, deep conditioning carpets or steaming your hardwood floors will likely cost more but can help maintain your house in the long run.

Other expectations from a house cleaning service

As you consider hiring a house cleaning service in Glen Mills, PA, it’s important to ensure your cleaners are professional and respectable. As you interview and decide on a house cleaning service, you should confirm the following:

  • Are your employees’ backgrounds checked?
  • Any reputable and established cleaning service will ensure their employees have passed a thorough background check. This gives peace of mind to the homeowner and verifies that the employees are reliable and trustworthy.

  • Do you send the same person every time?
  • It can be helpful to set the expectation that the same cleaning crew will be working on the house each time the company is hired. If the same person cleans the house every time, they’ll begin to understand the homeowner’s preferences and the best way to clean each room.

  • Do I need to be here to let the cleaning crew in?
  • If you’re not there when the professional cleaners show up, how can they enter the house? Some cleaning companies require the owner to be present during the cleaning, so it’s important to understand your chosen company’s requirements.

  • What happens if something is broken?
  • Most cleaning companies are bonded and insured — meaning if anything is broken or an employee is injured, it will be covered by the cleaning company’s insurance. Otherwise, it can be the homeowner’s responsibility to cover any costs or broken equipment. Make sure your hired company is insured and ask for proof of insurance to be sure.

These frequently asked questions are on the minds of several homeowners as they understand what to expect from a house cleaning service. Setting these expectations up front will ensure everyone is on the same page and there are no misunderstandings. As always, homeowners should feel entirely comfortable and trusting that the cleaning company will take care of their home and belongings.
If you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable house cleaning service in Glen Mills, PA, Busy Bee Cleaners can help. With 30 years in business, our team has an outstanding reputation and proven track record of happy customers in the area.
Ready to get started? We offer free online estimates, so you’ll clearly understand the cost of our services without any surprise fees. To schedule a cleaning, or if you have any questions, give our house cleaners a call today.

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