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Your Essential Spring Cleaning Prep Guide

With Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog telling us how many more weeks of winter we have left, figuring out when the best time to start spring cleaning can be a challenge. Whether you decide to wait for Puxatawny Phil’s declaration or you want to get a jump on the cleaning, you need a specific plan of attack to get your home as spotless as possible. 

Instead of going blindly into your spring cleaning checklist, having a prep guide to help learn the professional cleaning tips and tricks to get your home looking spotless is beneficial. Here are some of the essentials you need to know before starting this year’s spring cleaning efforts. 

Have the Right Tools for the Job

Picking cleaning solutions and supplies for your spring cleaning project can help improve your prep time and help you focus on what you want cleaned. Getting things like rubber gloves, microfiber cloths, spray bottles, hot water, and a handy bucket will cover your bases and prepare you for the upcoming tasks. 

Tackle It Room by Room

Now that you have your cleaning products and checklist in hand, it’s time to start cleaning. Focus on cleaning one room at a time instead of cleaning a little bit in each room. The best way to maximize your effort is focusing on one room at a time and cleaning it from top to bottom before moving on to the next task. This will help prevent your checklist from appearing too overwhelming as well. 

Attack the Clutter

One of the most cited things about a dirty room that drives people crazy remains excessive clutter. Whether it’s loose papers, trash, overflowing clothes, or any number of things, clutter can have a direct negative impact on your mental health. Focusing on reducing clutter either by throwing things out or devising a new storage system to limit the mess can help make your spring cleaning efforts worthwhile. 

Do the Seasonal Chores First

Every home has a list of chores that need to be done year-round, but there are also some that can be done at certain times of the year. For some of these tasks, you need the warmer spring weather to roll in before you can tackle them head-on. Think cleaning the grill or any outdoor maintenance task. For the interior, focus on switching out your seasonal winter clothes with the spring and summer clothes from your storage. 

When in Doubt — Call the Experts at Busy Bee Cleaning Company!

Spring cleaning has become something that almost every homeowner prioritizes early in the new year. Clearing out the clutter of the past year and getting your home ready for the warmer days of spring help keep your spirits up while you wait. However, if the prospect of cleaning your entire home gives you anxiety, Busy Bee Cleaning Company can help!

Our expertly trained staff can come to your home and perform the thorough top to bottom spring cleaning that your home deserves. Contact the Busy Bee team to schedule your first house cleaning service appointment this spring!

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