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The Busy Bee How-To Guide for Thorough Dusting

In between visits from your favorite residential cleaning service in West Chester, PA, you can do things around the house to improve your home’s overall cleanliness. Developing a regular dusting routine can help your home avoid the overly lived-in look that comes with occasional dusting. The dust tends to accumulate quickly, so staying on top of the build-up is essential for every homeowner. But is there a specific method that can help you in the quest to conquer the ever-growing amount of dust in your home? With this easy how-to guide from Busy Bee Cleaning Company, that answer might be yes. 

Step One – Create the Plan

When it comes to eliminating as much allergen-aggravating dust from your home as possible, you need to form a concrete plan. Identify the rooms and areas where the dust collects the quickest and most frequently. By identifying these problem areas, you know where to start on your quest. 

Step Two – Choose Your Duster Wisely

The tools you choose in this ongoing battle will ultimately determine your success. Using a combination of pledge and a cloth can get the job done adequately. However, if you purchase a classic duster, there are options available that utilize microfibers to get the hard-to-reach and remove dust particles up from your surfaces. 

Step Three – Start from the Top

Whichever area you decide to start dusting, make sure you are dusting from the highest point you can reach and making your way down. Any of the dust that you wind up dispersing instead of removing will float downward, allowing you to address the leftover dust during the end of your time in that particular area. 

Step Four – Get the Vacuum

This step may seem a little out of place; why would you need the vacuum if you were only dusting around the house? Incorporating the vacuum into your dusting routine gives you a better chance of getting rid of all of the rogue dust particles that escaped your dusting procedure of choice. Ensure your vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filter — this filter helps to rid your home of allergens and bacteria that have built up. 

These easy steps can help you keep your home dust-free and give your allergies a bit of a break. For larger projects, contact Busy Bee Cleaning Company, the premier maid service servicing Villanova PA, and beyond!

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