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In the world of cleaning, there are many little-known facts that people have never asked or hadn’t thought of. Finding out that unexpected sources can be used as impromptu cleaning agents, as well as where you can find the most germs in your home, can be surprising for people. Luckily, your favorite neighborhood Wayne, PA house cleaning service, Busy Bee Cleaning Company, is here to help open your eyes to some of these little-known cleaning facts. The following infographic breaks down these facts:

Infograhic explaining some little-known cleaning tips


Tomato Ketchup Does What?

While it might be hard to believe on the surface, tomato ketchup can, in fact, help you clean in a variety of ways. Thanks to vinegar being a primary ingredient in most ketchup recipes, the acidity acts as a milder cleaning agent that helps cut through grime build-up. Do you need your silver jewelry or silverware shined but don’t have any silver polisher on hand? A little ketchup and a soft cloth can help with that! In some cases, ketchup can even help you remove rust build-up on your utensils, outdoor furniture, and gardening tools! 

That’s A Lot of Germs

Everyone tends to assume that your bathroom is the dirtiest and germiest place in your house, but that isn’t necessarily the case for most homes. With the amount of foot traffic, meal prepping, and cleaning that goes on in the kitchen, the number of germs can build up quickly. The two biggest culprits in your kitchen that work together to help you clean, but also have a ton of germ activity: your kitchen sponge and sink. 

A Squirt of Lemon If You’re in a Pinch

If you want to be more mindful of the types of cleaning products you use in your home and want something that can be considered a green alternative, lemons can help. The acid found in lemons contains both antibacterial and antiseptic properties that make it a versatile cleaning agent in a pinch. When you use lemons for cleaning, it’s not only the lemon juice that can prove helpful. The smell of lemon has invigorating effects and can help provide refreshing relief. The lemon rinds can also help, thanks to the oils found in them to clean and shine surfaces. Though, keep in mind that while lemons provide a wealth of cleaning applications, it is not a disinfectant, so you’ll want to still have those in stock. 

It’s All About the Preparation

For your cleaning service to do the job to the best of their ability, they need the space to work and get to the hard to reach places. To give them the best environment to work with, go around your home and clear any unnecessary clutter from high traffic areas that could prevent the team from being as thorough as possible in their cleaning. 

Busy Bee Cleaning Company, the award-winning residential cleaning service in Newtown Square, PA, is currently offering weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services to those who don’t have the time to give their house the scrub down it needs. Give the cleaning experts at Busy Bee Cleaning Company a call today for a free house cleaning estimate!

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