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When the summer starts to get into high gear, different areas of your home can be affected by the increasing heat in unexpected ways. Living in an area like southeastern Pennsylvania, high humidity becomes a recurring issue during the summer months that can cause unexpected havoc throughout your home. One such area that can be affected by the changes in the weather is your laundry room. If you’ve noticed every summer that your laundry room smells a bit more mildewy, it’s not just you. The increased humidity can begin to drastically affect your laundry room and make doing the laundry even more of a chore during the summer. 

What Causes the Musty Odor?

Mildew and mold growth requires the right conditions to grow at exponential rates. Two dominant factors that lead to their ongoing growth stem from warm temperatures and high humidity. The warmer the air, the higher the presence of water molecules and the higher the moisture becomes. The dry summer months lead to the perfect storm of high humidity and soaring temperatures that can help mildew and mold grow unchecked in your laundry room. 

What Can I Do to Counteract the Odor?

If the laundry room starts to smell mildewy, then it’s, unfortunately, a matter of time before your freshly laundered clothes pick up the mildew stench. Finding effective ways to combat the odor begins with addressing your washing machine. Take the time to run an empty load with hot water and detergent. This load should deliver the extra strength clean you are looking for and leave behind a lovely fresh, clean smell throughout your basement. Any time the mildew scent comes back, perform this trick to get the job done. If the smell persists, then you may need the professional cleaning services of Berwyn, PA’s top home cleaners, Busy Bee Cleaning Company!

What Happens When I Go on Vacation? 

If you go on vacation before you address the underlying cause of the mildew smell, the chances that the smell intensifies while you’re away increases exponentially. When you return, and your laundry room has a more pungent mildew smell, you will need Newtown Square, PA’s top house cleaning services to handle the job! Contact our team to get a quote and schedule your next appointment today!

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