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Useful House Cleaning Tips

Between summer vacations, graduation parties, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, keeping your home clean and orderly isn’t always a top priority. There are ways to streamline the process and make cleaning fit into your day, therefore spending more time doing what you want. At Busy Bee cleaning, our house cleaning services in Chester Springs, PA will ensure your valuable time isn’t spent mopping floors or dusting blinds. We can help you get into a regular cleaning routine so your home is enjoyable and functional – no matter what life throws your way.

If you’re looking to improve your home’s condition in between deep cleans, check out these helpful cleaning tips recommended by our team of professionals.

Put together a cleaning caddy

Sometimes, cleaning is all about having the right tools at the right time. When you’re moving from room to room or floor to floor, dragging your cleaning supplies through the house can be a hassle. One way to set yourself up for success while cleaning is to purchase a cleaning caddy. This can make your cleaning more efficient, saving you time and hassle as you move through your cleaning process.

You can find a simple shower caddy at most big box retail stores or online. These can hold your dust rags, chemicals, and tools within one concise box. Plus, since a small caddy is easy to store, you can tuck all your supplies away under a cabinet or in a closet when you’re done!

Discover your cleaning triggers

Everyone has different things in their house that alert your brain that it’s time to clean. Some people might be okay with some dust on the floor or laundry in the corner of the room. But there are things in your house that trigger you to get into cleaning mode. Maybe it’s a pile of dishes or dog hair on the floor. Whatever it is, figure out what sets you off so you can set your home up for success and ease stress
If everything feels like a trigger, our team at Busy Bee Cleaning can sit down with you and go through what items make you tick. Once we have a consultation with you, our team can provide professional house cleaning services in Chester Springs, PA, and beyond.

Clean out your refrigerator once a week

The refrigerator is not only a heavily trafficked spot in most houses — but it’s also where you spend a lot of money! By spending some time cleaning your refrigerator every week, you’ll be able to take stock of what you have on hand and ensure this hot spot (or should we say cool spot?) is organized and sanitized.

Pick a day every week and dedicate 15-30 minutes to looking through the fridge. Identify things that have expired, or you can throw away, and then take a minute to spray down the surfaces. A magic eraser sponge can work as a great option to clean swiftly. Another cleaning hack is to label drawers and containers with a magic marker that has the date purchased and when you should throw out the items. Doing this weekly will keep your fridge clean, organized, and even
save money on your groceries.

Keep the shower clean as you go

The shower is always a troubling and tiring area to wipe down on your cleaning days. But one way to cut down on time required to clean the shower is to keep a dishwashing wand with soap or cleaning supplies at all times. As you’re in the shower, take a few swipes on the surface of the walls and drain, and you’ll be able to limit how frequently you deep clean this area.

Smell good, feel clean

How things smell can be a powerful sensory trigger that something is clean or dirty. One way to combat that is to keep your house smelling fresh, whether it’s a cleaning day or not. Various products can keep every corner of your house smelling good. From scented trash bags to room fresheners, pick a scent you like and repeat that throughout your house to provide consistency.

Make your bed

One way to wake up on the right side of the best and start your day is to make your bed. While a simple task, experts say this is a quick and easy way to feel happier and make your space appear cleaner. Put on your favorite song, get your coffee going, and start your day by making your bed. This will help you feel accomplished, you’ll have a freshly made bed to lay down in after a long day

Focus on the shiny objects

If you are short on time but need to clean the house quickly, try and focus on the “shiny” objects
— otherwise known as sinks, toilets, appliances and counters. You can spray multipurpose cleaner on the surfaces and then give it a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth or sponge. Like the
caddy method, keeping cleaning supplies near these frequently-dirty locations can make routine cleaning easier and fit into your day. Try it after brushing your teeth or getting ready in the

Since these surfaces are heavily used, doing this between your regular deep cleans will provide a clean slate and sanitized bathroom and kitchen for your week ahead.

Decrease clutter with the basket method

Are you sick of looking at shoes, toys, and other items lying around your house? While it might be time-consuming to ensure everything is in its place, one way to combat the clutter is to use the basket method. This tried-and-true way involves keeping baskets in rooms that can serve as a catch-all throughout the week. If you’re looking to declutter quickly, throw items in a basket that you can put away at a later, more suitable time.

By incorporating these simple, everyday cleaning tips into your routine, you’ll feel more organized and relaxed, with time to enjoy life’s precious moments. Our house cleaning services in Chester Springs, PA are here to help you get time back and keep your house dirt-free. Contact us today for a consultation and learn how we can keep your home happy and clean

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